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🏆 About to start a home staging business?

Our 5-Figure Floor Plan Home Staging Business Foundation Course lays out all the must’s and key things to know to get you started.

Start your home staging business with confidence.

Starting a new business can feel daunting.

You don’t know what you don’t know. The legalities of running a home staging business, the necessity of insurance and a contract, all the moving pieces.

What you don’t know can cost you a lot, can keep you stuck and afraid to move forward.

Imagine this… Having confidence in your home staging business, having the information and resources to be successful even though you are just starting out!

Learn the language to backup your decisions (on pricing, on staging decisions, etc.) when you speak with prospective staging clients without feeling the intimidation or unsure of yourself.

Here is what you will get in this on-demand digital course

  • Module 0: Pre-Course Mindset & Core Value Work
  • Module 1: What Does it Mean to Own a Business? *This particular module is taught by a licensed attorney. A home staging business launch legal checklist is included
  • Module 2: What is Home Staging?
  • Module 3: Home Staging Business Models
  • Module 4: Operating Your Home Staging Business
  • Module 5: Home Staging Project Process
  • **Module 6: Home Staging Business Contract. *This particular module is taught by a licensed attorney. A home staging contract template is included
  • Module 7: Marketing Your Home Staging Business in the Beginning
  • Module 8: Pricing Your Home Staging Projects
  • Module 9: Home Staging Inventory
  • Module 10: Home Staging Installation Logistics & Aftercare

👉 The 5-Figure Floor Plan Course is also included in our 10-month full Certification Program. You can check out our full course list here.

✅ The Home Staging Show Podcast

The Home Staging Show is the longest running podcast dedicated to all things home staging and real estate.

**It is a Top 200 Apple Podcast in the Careers Category in many countries. It is also ranked globally into the top 1.5%.

Listen Now:**

💪 About to start your home staging business?

Click and download our free Home Staging Business Start-Up Checklist.