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Download 2024 Real Estate Staging Statistics by RESA


The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA®) is dedicated to collecting and reporting accurate and up-to-date information on home staging statistics. Industry statistics are crucial to conveying the benefits of staging to consumers. Stagers are strongly encouraged to keep stats and use their personal stats as an educational tool as well as for their marketing.

RESA® collects data from home stagers to report the value and effectiveness of home staging. This information is shared with real estate associations and the public to highlight the impact of staging on the market.

We've partnered with Staging Studio, a RESA® Accredited Education Provider, to provide all active RESA® members with an Excel spreadsheet that simplifies the process of collecting stats, to make it easier for you to submit your stats in a uniform way.

Stagers can easily enter their data, and the staging stats collector does the rest.

Login to the RESA® Members Only Area to Fill Out The Form to Access the Staging Stats Collector (Excel spreadsheet) Below.

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