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CSP International™ Staging Business Training Academy is a RESA Accredited Staging Training Provider. Click to read about  the Accreditation FAQs

CSP® Home Staging Certification Course

Home staging course details

  • Since 2005, CSP® has discovered that the most powerful way to learn professional staging skills is through a live, in-person, intensive training that provides hands-on know-how within a group of your peers for a shared mastermind experience.

    CSP® continues to lead the staging training industry with a three-day in-person intensive classroom experience that is married with online study from the comfort of your own home.
    We combine all learning methods to provide the best and most experienced training available! Our program is known for excellence and gives CSP® graduates a distinct marketing edge in marketing their businesses in the real world.

    Global Reach

    The Certified Staging Professionals® logo is recognized internationally, including the USA, Canada (Canadian Certified Staging Professionals) and Australia (Australia Certified Staging Professionals), by real estate professionals and home buyers and sellers.

    Staging students travel from other countries around the world to attend the CSP® intensive professional staging course and take the certification back to their country.


    The Most Comprehensive Staging Training Available

    Although professional staging is an non-regulated industry, CSP® has led the way in developing standards, a Code of Conduct and procedures that mark a certified stager with a level of distinction and access to unparalleled resources to benefit both their clients and build their businesses.
    Literally, Christine Rae wrote the book on professional staging. It’s called Home Staging For Dummies; it has been lauded as being so thorough that it’s actually been adopted as a textbook for college staging programs in North America. CSP® currently teaches at a number of colleges and universities, in an ever-expanding network to make training as accessible as possible. (See below for specific colleges and universities.)

    CSP®, accredited by the Real Estate Staging Association, gives you registered certification for successful completions of the following standards:

    • Successful completion of 2-day in-person classroom instruction,
    • 1 day hands-on field experience,
    • 75%+ or higher grade on proficiency exams (including practical assessment).
    There are two different program options to begin your staging training – the Foundation Standard Training Program and the Fast Track Staging And Business Launch Program. Each program is designed to give you a solid foundation in staging skills; the difference is really based on how quickly you desire to launch your business.

    Then, your education continues after the intensive training as follows:

  • New graduates are encouraged to work at their own pace through eight home study modules found in the password protected CSP® Business Resource Centre, completing assignments as you work. Comprehensive topics range from choosing a business name, social media and marketing.

  • Additional 20+ webinars together with the home study modules round out the Marketing Advantage Program (link) MAP your way to business success through marketing, design and business sessions in addition to live Q+A calls with Christine Rae who will personally answer any questions you may have.  The concept of being in business but not being alone – you have support while you attract clients and establish your own brand in your local marketplace from the outset.

Other Benefits of CSP® Training

All CSP® alumni have access to special strategic relationships that provide savings to staging clients everywhere, as well as leading-edge marketing tools, your own 5-page website, business-building resources, a virtual community of your peers, the Mentor Program and much, much more.

This type of comprehensive business support is unparalleled in the industry!

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