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Why Associations and Brokerages Should Offer

Staging To Sell, What Every Agent Should Know


In today’s market, it is important for associations to offer continuing education and professional development courses that broaden the horizons of their members as well as keeping them informed of industry trends.  


Why choose RESA for your real estate staging education?
  • Staging to Sell, What Every Agent Should Know is the official curriculum of the Real Estate Staging Association
  • Approved for 3 credit hours in most states*
  • The most up-to-date information on real estate staging
  • RESA Approved Instructors are required to pass a vetting process that includes submitting an application and references, as well as submitting a video demonstrating their speaking skills. 
  • Instructors are required to take a Train the Trainer class as well as pass a teaching exam.
  • RESA Approved Instructors are required to hold the RESA-PRO designation, which is a higher-level designation based on passing an ethics exam and adhering to a strong Code of Ethics.
  • Affordable class and completed in only 3-hours.
  • Agents earn the RESA-CSA designation. RESA-Certified Staging Advocate.

A real estate professional completing this MCE class will understand:

  • What home staging is and how it benefits their clients
  • How the entire pre-market staging process will benefit your client and secure your relationship as a true advocate for their best interest

  • The cost and value of home staging, ROI factors
  • Importance of leveraging marketing efforts with staging, photos and Internet presence
  • How staging helps with disclosure issues
  • How buyers think and how staging influences them to buy
  • Home staging statistics and facts
  • Why sellers respond better to professional stagers advice
  • Agents considering staging pros and cons
  • How to collaborate with a home stager
  • How to present home staging to your clients and overcome objections
  • How to choose a professional home stager
  • The common contract clauses that professional stagers use
  • Course comes with over 50 staging tips that agents can use immediately
Call Shell Brodnax to book a class for your organization 888-201-8687 x 1

* Course is worth 1 credit in NJ and 4 in NC